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What We Offer

Dedicated to unlocking the power of technology for social good, TechSoup provides both the digital platforms and in-person experiences that enable people to work together toward a more equitable world. Our programs, projects, and collaborations are designed to build capacity at a global scale with local care.

Technology Solutions and Services

Many organizations first get to know TechSoup through our NGO Tech Marketplace, which provides eligible organizations with donated and discounted software, hardware, services, and training via our partnerships with technology service providers. We have scaled this program worldwide, in collaboration with our trusted partner members of the TechSoup Global Network, making it possible to give organizations around the world access to the capacity-building technology solutions they need. TechSoup's marketplace includes more than 500 products from over 100 companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Intuit, and Symantec. We also partner with technology service providers who are experts in the needs of nonprofits and can help nonprofits optimize the products they receive through TechSoup.


Global Validation and Data Services

Grantmakers, governments, companies, and others often need to verify that an organization is eligible for support before offering in-kind gifts, employee giving, charity sales, or cash grants. The TechSoup Global Network has the expertise and rigorous systems in place for providing trusted information on validated organizations and helping organizations connect to giving resources. We apply this global expertise across 236 countries and territories to meet the wide spectrum of standards that ensure compliance with legal and tax requirements. Our validation expertise has reached over 1.2 million NGOs, worldwide.

TechSoup offers validation services in a variety of formats to make giving easy. When a donor needs to determine if an NGO, nonprofit, or charity in its home country is legitimate, TechSoup can help. We can also help integrate this data into systems that support the donor’s giving programs. Services include white label front-end applications and APIs, collaborative applications like NGOsource, and tailored programs to fit the needs of any organization. More than 100 of the U.S.'s largest philanthropic and socially responsible corporations, and a number of multinationals and institutions rely on TechSoup to support validation worldwide. TechSoup is proud to have worked with Okta, Airbnb, Kintone, Walt Disney Company, Google for Nonprofits, Amazon Web Services, Benevity, Sage, World Bank, and more.


Community and Connections

Truly transformative knowledge is often built through collaboration and partnership. Our online and offline communities foster many types of collaboration and peer learning opportunities to enable people to work together toward a more equitable world.

TechSoup's office in Warsaw serves as a regional base for the TechSoup Global Network. Activities run by this hub — TechSoup Europe — drive collaborations across the region, with a focus on central and eastern European community leaders. Recent projects focusing on themes of transparency, digital education, social entrepreneurship, and "closing spaces" include TransparenCEE, Tech4Stories, and Meet and Code.

The activities of our other regional TechSoup Global Network hubs in TechSoup Asia-Pacific and TechSoup Africa bring together our partners in those regions as well. TechSoup also operates NGO directories such as GuideStar India and GuideStar UK.

At the hyper-local level, Tech4Good changemakers can meet in person with others who work in social-good technology at local NetSquared meetups. As of January 2021, this thriving TechSoup program connects local communities at 88+ groups in 34 countries.


Technology changes constantly, and TechSoup helps you stay up-to-date and keep innovating. We connect you to the new solutions and practical ideas you need to achieve your mission. Discover useful technology resources and tips through TechSoup's free blog, webinars, forums, and articles and how-tos. And sign up for our newsletters to stay current.

First launched in the U.S. in August 2016, TechSoup Courses is a social learning platform that provides nonprofits and libraries with just-in-time, solutions-based training. In 2018, our goal to build a global nonprofit learning community took one step forward and expanded TechSoup Courses to Kenya, with Australia and New Zealand following.

Our educational offerings have a worldwide reach. In the Africa region alone, the TechSoup Global Network Africa partners have organized 15 educational events in 7 countries to provide relevant content to approximately 700 nonprofits to date — and counting. Currently in development is Civil Society NET, an online learning platform initially developed for civil society organizations (CSOs) in Mozambique, in collaboration with the Aga Khan Foundation and "la Caixa" Banking Foundation.

TechSoup's educational efforts also aim to support some of the most pressing issues in Asia-Pacific. In a recent project, TechSoup Asia-Pacific and local partner Yayasan Salam delivered a series of workshops to help strengthen over 42 anti-human trafficking organizations in Malaysia. The trainings covered a wide array of topics including data management, fundraising, digital security, photography and digital marketing.

Innovation Through Collaboration

There's always more to be done, and new challenges require innovation. TechSoup continues to collaborate with a broad set of experts to create and curate relevant solutions and share lessons that help communities around the world. Just a few of TechSoup’s Apps4Good initiatives and collaborations are listed below.

Yetu Initiative, strengthening CSOs in East Africa, in collaboration with USAID, the Aga Khan Foundation, and many other great organizations.

Apps for Cities began with the Apps for Warsaw open data project, in collaboration with the city of Warsaw and local partners Orange, Stocznia, and Centrum Cyfrowe, to promote open data and engage people to create civic technology tools for their city. Now in the second iteration with Apps for Ukraine.

Safe Shelter for Victims of Modern Day Slavery, a Caravan Studios project in collaboration with the Polaris Project and New Jersey Department of Children and Families, one of the ways we facilitate communities to apply local resources to their most pressing problems.

Bridging HIV Awareness and Technology, a program led by LINKAGES Indonesia and developed by TechSoup Asia-Pacific and Kitabisa, delivered a 16-module course specifically dedicated to improving the digital outreach capacities of 20 grassroots organizations working in the HIV space in Indonesia.