At TechSoup you'll find the raw energy of a start-up, an extraordinary vision, and a group of brilliant, talented, diverse people who believe fiercely that the benefits of technology should be available to everyone!

We are a nonprofit organization that believes that technology is a powerful enabler for social change. Since 1987, we've assembled a worldwide network of individuals and organizations that share this conviction. This network includes foundations and corporations, governments and NGOs, social entrepreneurs and volunteers. Together, these unlikely allies have developed sustainable, community-driven technology solutions to meet today's most urgent social challenges.

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Join our team of volunteers to help changemakers improve lives around the world.
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Careers at TechSoup

At TechSoup, we're proud of our diverse skill sets and backgrounds that help us assist civil society organizations in many different ways.

Interested in working with us? You might be a good fit if:

  • You think changing the world sounds like a fulfilling way to spend your day
  • You want to use your technical and organizational skills to help low-income and disadvantaged people
  • You want to work in a fun, challenging, and creative environment
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What do some of our employees think about TechSoup?

"TechSoup is a full-blown high-tech place that reflects the creative spirit and diversity of San Francisco, has a vivid intellectual culture, and is dedicated to harnessing the power of IT for the good of the world. It's an incredible place."

"I know of no other place where the richness of company culture is combined with a chemistry that yields a truly unique and extraordinary work environment that is supportive, encourages collaboration, promotes creativity, and results in tremendous support for other nonprofits and communities in general."

"TechSoup has a knack for hiring three-dimensional people who like to balance their home-life with their work-life. The number of artists, environmentalists, and outdoor enthusiasts keeps a friendlier dynamic in the office."