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TechSoup Global Network

We've partnered with 63 of the world's leading civil society organizations to improve lives globally through the use of technology.

TechSoup Global Network partners manage a range of technology capacity-building programs to serve communities in nearly every region of the world. Each network partner tailors its program to the needs of its community and shares insights with other network partners to better serve communities worldwide.

Together we've reached 1.2 million organizations and delivered US$15 billion in technology tools and philanthropic services. The TechSoup Global Network is committed to continue this significant impact and develop next generation programs and services to navigate an increasingly digital world.


Connecting Up

Connecting Up is an Australian NGO that has been operating since 1981. Initially delivering community service and events information on a state level, Connecting Up expanded to also provide technology-related resources, events, and training to NGOs nationally. Its mission is to unleash the power of NGOs.

Connecting Up joined the TechSoup Global Network in 2007 and has partnered with TechSoup and TechSoup Global Network partner Hong Kong Council of Social Service to launch the donation programs in six countries of Southeast Asia.

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The mission of SOCIALware is to improve nonprofit management by enabling nonprofits to acquire needed information technology (IT).

SOCIALware, the IT donation program of SOCIALware asbl, offers a variety of services to nonprofits in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, including assistance in the selection and usage of IT platforms and assistance in obtaining software and hardware from IT suppliers. The donation program in Belgium was one of the original pilot countries for the TechSoup Global Network and was launched in 2006.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

TechSoup Bosnia and Herzegovina

MaŠta is a promotional marketing agency that works with organizations all over the world to create positive, meaningful impact. They bring forward innovative solutions in the following areas: events, branding and visual communications, public and media relations, conferences and workshops, training for corporations, and corporate social responsibility.

MaŠta Agency uses a think-outside-the-box mentality to build solutions that serve both their clients as well as future generations, and all of MaŠta's profits go back to the community.

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TechSoup Brasil

TechSoup Brasil is a collaborative effort that was launched in 2009 between Associação Telecentro de Informação e Negócios (ATN) and TechSoup. ATN is a nonprofit organization that was established in 2006 and is dedicated to the creation of better social and economic conditions through digital inclusion. Through corporate and university partnerships and its network of telecenters, ATN provides services that contribute to the development of communities and civil society.

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TechSoup Bulgaria

TechSoup Bulgaria is operated in partnership with the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation (WCIF) and was launched with TechSoup in 2009.

WCIF's mission is to encourage different communities to take responsibility and work actively for social development, making full use of local resources.

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