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Social Impact

Our nonprofit social enterprise distribution network has connected changemakers around the world to more than US$15 billion worth of technology products and capacity-building services.

Relevant Impact at Scale

Founded to connect technical mentors with community activists in the San Francisco Bay Area, TechSoup's renowned collaboration approach and award-winning, innovative social enterprise business model has enabled a cooperative platform at scale. More than 100 corporate donors and providers of software, hardware, and services have chosen the TechSoup platform and model to create and grow impactful in-kind donation programs wrapped in nonprofit education and support. More than 1.2 million nonprofits in 236 countries and territories have benefited from TechSoup and recognize TechSoup as their unique resource partner.

TechSoup's cooperative models, its international network of nonprofit partners, and its use of technology and data to drive sector value have given it a unique leadership position. TechSoup continuously innovates programs and experiments with the community to find ways to meet new needs and create value. In addition to its direct program, its many "spin in" and "spin out" services like NetSquared, NGOsource, and Caravan Studios have leveraged TechSoup to build adjacent collaborations.

TechSoup and its partners have collectively grown the tech resources devoted to expanding the capacity of the global social sector. They have increased this capacity more than 10- to 30-fold since 2001, dramatically strengthening programs and impact for beneficiaries in the process.

A One-of-a-Kind Civil Society Network

The TechSoup Global Network consists of 63 nonprofit capacity-building organizations around the world sharing a common vision and mission — to strengthen the local communities and nonprofits they reach with technology, know-how, and access to peers, experts, volunteers, grants, and other resources — what they need to take their work to the next level. This network is both operational and strategic. Its nonprofit, social enterprise activities operate like an e-commerce distribution service with global reach. These activities are connected by a common data-driven platform, shared business process, and mutual values, localized to deepen impact. This network also is made up of foundational, visionary leaders in the worldwide nonprofit sector who share a mission to wisely steward shared resources and make it easier for givers and getters to connect and have collective impact grow in the process. The interconnectedness and readiness of this network to act at scale and local relevance is unparalleled.

TechSoup Global Network Impact and Reach as of January 1, 2021

$15 billion

Market value of in-kind tech and funding facilitated

$500 million+ Technology products distributed
100+ Donor partners, including Adobe, Cisco, Microsoft, and Symantec
1.2 million Organizations served

Countries and territories served* across Europe, Middle East, South America, North America, Asia, Asia-Pacific, and Africa regions (*as of January 1, 2020)


TechSoup Impact Stories

Learn how organizations are improving their communities through technology donated through TechSoup.

Transforming Communities with Donated Remote Work Tools

Habitat for Humanity has been working to serve the nearly 100 million people who are homeless and 2 billion people living in slum housing around the world since 1976. Its Omaha affiliate has streamlined its communication tools while saving thousands of dollars by requesting technology products through TechSoup.

Protecting Wild Lands Through Art with the Help of Donated Software

Seattle-based nonprofit publisher Braided River has published books, media campaigns, and other materials to support conservation projects using donated software obtained through TechSoup. The Last Polar Bear, one of their recent projects highlighting the impact of climate change, reached more than 26 million people.

Harnessing Office 365 to Send Every Child to Preschool

OvidiuRo has helped thousands of disadvantaged Romanian families provide a better future for their children through early education. The organization uses donations of Microsoft Office 365 to communicate more easily with colleagues in the field through email and video conferences.