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Funders and Donors

As a nonprofit, we rely on institutional investment to expand and innovate our services. Our grantors provide necessary funds and collaboration that enable TechSoup to pilot new programs and serve new communities.

We're grateful for these investments and the generous contributions of our individual investors. We're also grateful for the substantial technology contributions of all our donor partners.

Foundation Partner Spotlight

In the Beginning

The support of these funders in TechSoup's early years as CompuMentor was indispensable to the organization's first stage of development.

Support for the TechSoup Global Network

These funders helped turn TechSoup from a San Francisco–based nonprofit into a global network, collaborating with kindred organizations to raise the technological level of nonprofits on a global scale.

Support for NGOsource

This project revolutionized international grantmaking, lowering the logistical bar for U.S. funders to support worthy NGOs around the world.

Support for Caravan Studios

When our innovative venture into apps development launched, it was a stretch. It is now a key aspect of our organizational portfolio.



And We Thank...

We thank each of these funders for the role they played in supporting TechSoup's evolution.

Adobe; Amazon Web Services; Autodesk; Broadcom; The Corporation for National and Community Service; DonorPerfect; Fidelity Charitable; FieldStone Alliance, Inc.; Knight Foundation; and Oracle

*This funder has supported two or more aspects of our work but is listed in its area of most substantial support.